Anny Garcés Palacio joins the Friedman Lab

Anny is from Colombia, currently earning her undergraduate degree in Biology at Antioquia University. As a participant in the 2018 DaRin Butz Internship Program, Anny will be studying double fertilization in confers in the Friedman Lab. Welcome Anny!

In plant tug-of-war, mom wins

Dr. Rebecca Povilus’ work on interparental conflict in early-evolving angiosperms was recently featured in the Harvard Gazette. Congrats Becky! Read the article here.

Laura Clerx joins the Friedman Lab

After earning her undergraduate degree in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and English Literature from Harvard University, Laura worked as the lab manager of the Templer Forest Ecology and Biogeochemistry Lab at Boston University. As a member of the Friedman Lab, Laura plans to study the champions of early evolutionary thought and how their legacies have influenced the modern relationship between science and religion.

Welcome Laura!

Friedman Lab and Arboretum’s plant anatomy summer short course featured in Nature news article

The lost art of looking at plants

Jacob Suissa joins the Friedman Lab

After earning his undergraduate degree in plant biology from the University of Vermont, Jacob spent time studying the phylogenetics of lycophytes at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. As a PhD student in the department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, he plans to delve into research focusing on morphological development and diversification in a phylogenetic context.

Welcome Jacob!

Tracing the Evolution of Form and Function

The Arboretum’s 2017 plant anatomy summer short course kicks off at the Weld Hill research facility.

Read more.

Rebecca Polivus

Dr. Rebecca Povilus passed her PhD defense on reproduction and seed development in water lilies.

Congratulations Dr. Povilus!

Kristel Schoonderwoerd

Reconstructing the ancestral flower

The early evolution of flowers remains something of a mystery. As part of her Master’s research, Kristel Schoonderwoerd, PhD Candidate in the Friedman Lab, joined a large international team to reconstruct the ancestral flower based on DNA and floral characteristics of known flowers. The results are published in Nature Communications.

Jack Smith

Jack Smith joins the Friedman Lab as a DaRin Butz Research Intern for the summer of 2017

Jack will study bud development in Picrasma quassioides during his time at Weld Hill. Welcome Jack!

Kristel Schoonderwoerd

Kristel Schoonderwoerd and William (Ned) Friedman were awarded the Dean’s Competitive Fund for Promising Scholarship for their project to examine leaf initiation and function with a micro-CT scanner