Jack Smith

Jack Smith joins the Friedman Lab as a DaRin Butz Research Intern for the summer of 2017

Jack will study bud development in Picrasma quassioides during his time at Weld Hill. Welcome Jack!

Kristel Schoonderwoerd

Kristel Schoonderwoerd and William (Ned) Friedman were awarded the Dean’s Competitive Fund for Promising Scholarship for their project to examine leaf initiation and function with a micro-CT scanner


Kristel Schoonderwoerd

Kristel Schoonderwoerd passed her preliminary exams, becoming an official PhD candidate in the Friedman Lab

Congratulations Kristel!

Austrobaileya scandens, an ancient liana found only in the tropics of Australia, is flowering in the Friedman Lab!

This species has weathered millions of years of changing environmental conditions, and despite its early origins, is the sole remaining species of its family, Austrobaileyaceae. A recent expedition and accompanying study by Ned Friedman, Juan Losada and Julien Bachelier examined prolonged embryo development in this extraordinary species.


Austrobaileya scandens Flowering Time Lapse 2 from Friedman Lab on Vimeo.


Plant Anatomy 2015 featured in the newsletter of the International Association of Wood Anatomists Journal

“Plant Anatomy 2015: Development, function and evolution”, the summer course sponsored by the Arnold Arboretum and microMORPH, was featured in the newsletter of the International Association of Wood Anatomists Journal. (pdf)

Rebecca Polivus

Rebecca Povilus elected as student representative to the executive board of the Botanical Society of America

Congratulations Becky!

NSF Logo

Rebecca Povilus awarded a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (NSF DDIG)

Well done, Becky!


New work by Rebecca Povilus, Juan Losada, and Ned Friedman published in Annuals of Botany

Published in Annuals of Botany, new work by Rebecca Povilus, Juan Losada, and Ned Friedman delves into the floral and seed biology of the water lily, Nymphaea thermarum, an ancient linage of flowering plants. (abstract)


Juan Losada, Ned Friedman, and colleagues examine the processes of floral receptivity in Magnolia virginiana

They found that there was a precise window of time, marked by specific secretory proteins, in which the stigma (female) was receptive to the pollen (male). This work was published in American Journal of Botany. (abstract)

BSA Logo

Rebecca Povilus awarded the Katherine Esau Award

Rebecca Povilus was awarded the Katherine Esau Award for best student presentation from the Developmental and Structural Section at the Botanical Society of America’s Botany 2014 conference. Congratulations Becky!