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Lab News


Juan Losada and Mara Herrero in the January 2014 issue of BMC Plant Biology

In the January 2014 issue of BMC Plant Biology, Juan Losada and Mara Herrero examined the characteristics of pollen tube growth and its interaction with maternal tissues in domesticated apple (Malus x domestica). (abstract)


Fresh approaches in teaching

Arboretum class explores science as Darwin did, in an example of College’s commitment to new ways of learning.

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The little old machine that could

In gleaming new Arboretum lab, researchers still use 1931 device because it’s the best there is.

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A learning gap is filled with plants

Arboretum offers increasingly rare course in their morphology.

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Plant power

Arboretum’s Friedman follows development of life along green line.

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Darwin takes flight

Seminar ponders results of breeding, training by studying pigeon acrobats.

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New branch of science

Ginkgo project key in effort toward first-ever tree microbiome.

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Clues on how flowering plants spread

Arboretum research suggests egg cell competition fostered diversification.

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Planting a research center in the arboretum

New director, staff settle into Weld Hill research facility.

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Passion and the flowering plant

New Arboretum director brings fresh zest to things botanical.

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What made Darwin first

Evolution’s revolution was the naturalist’s, though initial idea wasn’t.

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Friedman named director of Arboretum

Evolutionary biologist to join Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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Jennifer Winther appointed Assistant Professor of Biology

Jennifer Winther (Ph.D. 2007) appointed Assistant Professor of Biology at Grand Valley State University.



Julien Bachelier receives a “Young Scientist Presentation Award”

Julien Bachelier (postdoctoral research associate 2010 – present) receives a “Young Scientist Presentation Award” at the XXIst International Congress on Sexual Plant Reproduction in Bristol England.


Diggle and Friedman Labs Dinner


Left, 1980s Berkeley Botany graduate student four (Stephanie Mayer, Tom Lemieux, Pam Diggle and Ned Friedman). Middle, transportation to dinner. Right, the Diggle and Friedman lab gang and partners.



Where did all the flowers come from?

New York Times, 2009

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Darwin’s abominable mystery

The Linnean, 2009


Sam Holloway receives a 2009 Knowles Science Teaching Foundation five-year fellowship

Aside from receiving considerable financial support, KSTF Teaching Fellows are part of a network of outstanding beginning teachers grappling with the challenging issues of teacher preparation and induction.

KSTF Teaching Fellowships


On the origin of flowering plants

Science, 2009


Does Darwin’s home deserve the same status as Egypt’s pyramids?

The Guardian, 2009

Eric Madrid

Eric Madrid receives the Annals of Botany Graduate Prize

Eric Madrid (Ph.D. 2008) receives the Annals of Botany Graduate Prize for the best paper authored by a student in volume 103 (first half of 2009).

Write-up of Eric’s work in Annals of Botany