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Reconstructing the ancestral flower

The early evolution of flowers remains something of a mystery. As part of her Master’s research, Kristel Schoonderwoerd, PhD Candidate in the Friedman Lab, joined a large international team to reconstruct the ancestral flower based on DNA and floral characteristics of known flowers. The results are published in Nature Communications.

Austrobaileya scandens, an ancient liana found only in the tropics of Australia, is flowering in the Friedman Lab!

This species has weathered millions of years of changing environmental conditions, and despite its early origins, is the sole remaining species of its family, Austrobaileyaceae. A recent expedition and accompanying study by Ned Friedman, Juan Losada and Julien Bachelier examined prolonged embryo development in this extraordinary species.   Austrobaileya scandens Flowering Time Lapse 2 from […]